KodamaDirect 2024

Written by Robin

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With this year’s “KodamaDirect 2024”, you can catch up on all upcoming projects planned throughout the year in just 9 minutes! We highly recommend artists to check out the whole video (subtitled in both English and Japanese) if you want a quick rundown of what’s to come. We will try and make one of these every year in the early months! Please enjoy!

YouTube video

KodamaDirect 2024 Credits

  • Direction, Writing & Voiceover: Fivda (KodamaSoft / KodamaSounds)
  • Video: Hiskov
  • Kodama Artworks: Garrros (KodamaSoft)
  • 3D Animation: Transendium
  • Additional 2D Assets: Zeth (KodamaSoft)
  • KodamaDirect logo: cal
  • BGM: trailmix37 (KodamaSounds)
  • Japanese Translation: Yanis (KodamaSoft)

"KODAMA COMET -Stellar Sanctuary-" Teaser Credits

  • Direction & Writing: Fivda (KodamaSoft)
  • Video: Hiskov
  • Illustrations & Backgrounds: Garrros (KodamaSoft)
  • "KODAMA COMET -Stellar Sanctuary-" Logo: cal
  • BGM: AIKATYPE (KodamaSounds)