KodamaNews - September 2023

Written by Robin

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Hello everyone! It is time for another update!

New Album - MIDNIGHT SYNDROME -a Grasshopper Manufacture tribute album-

  • Deadline (Tentative): 2024 August 20th - MIDNIGHT SYNDROME -a Grasshopper Manufacture tribute album-

Last time, we talked about a new tribute album to be released for 2023's Winter Comiket - one centered on SUDA51 & Grasshopper Manufacture games. However, since Katamania!! has been pushed back to that date, we're getting this one new album ready for next year's Summer Comiket of 2024. The Silver Case, killer7, No More Heroes, and many others... Surely with this much time and range of music, there's bound to be something interesting for everyone! You can check the project page over here!

New Deadlines

  • Deadline (Tentative): 2024 April 14th - Gensokyo Party Vol. 5 VANTABLACK 2

We got a few artists quite interested in VANTABLACK! For now, let's try to aim for a Spring Reitaisai release next year, with another volume of gloomy and experimental Touhou music like old times! Check the project out over here!

  • Deadline (Tentative): 2024 April 7th - ECLECTIC RESONANCE UPRISING 2

Considering the amount of interested parties, we're already slapping a deadline on UPRISING 2 - it will be releasing in April of 2024, alongisde ECLECTIC RESONANCE Memories for M3-2024 Spring! It will be a great gathering for all Hard EDM fans to gather around a yearly released compilation, and the work on the cover art has already started! Deadline isn't around the corner just yet, but it's still soon enough, so if you were interested in participating for this year, now's a good time to do it!

Summary of Upcoming Album Deadlines

KodamaSounds on... Vinyl?!

We've recently partnered up with a label to see if we could produce a limited vinyl of Moriya Barista. Of course, don't worry, this would more of a collector item more than anything - a self-published CD production is still in the plans, and closer than ever!

We got a lot planned, and that's a big stack of oncoming deadlines - but most of these are quite a few miles ahead of us, so that should give you plenty of room and time to find what you want to focus on!