Our projects

KodamaSounds albums are doujin album projects that are constantly growing and ongoing. On this page, you can have direct access to our current album plans and projects, to which you can participate at any time, with no deadlines.


ECLECTIC RESONANCE are our original work branded albums. The first two albums, ~Dawn~ and ~Dusk~, had no stylistic restrictions. But now, each suffix means it’s oriented towards a specific style or genre. Make sure to check each one out to find which ones fit with your abilities and needs!


Theme: Original Work, J-Core, Hardcore Techno

Accepting Submissions | 5% | 03:10

Deadline: April 9


Theme: Original Work, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Guitar Centered

Accepting Submissions | 5% | 00:00

Tribute Albums

Our “a tribute album” series are self-explanatory: Those are albums entirely dedicated to a specific series/game. Any styles and genres are accepted, so long as they follow our guidelines. Image songs are also accepted so long as they follow the rules.

Moonstruck Analogy -a TYPE-MOON tribute album- II

Theme: TYPE-MOON centered album (Fate/stay night, Tsukihime…)

Accepting Submissions | 0% | 00:00

Fragments of Gratitude -a When They Cry tribute album- II

Theme: 07th Expansion centered album (Higurashi, Umineko…)

Accepting Submissions | 5% | 03:25

Katamania!!! -a Katamari tribute album-

Theme: Katamari centered album

Accepting Submissions | 0% | 00:00

Deadline: July 29

Gensokyo Party

Gensokyo Party VANTABLACK 2

Theme: Dark Themed Touhou Project Album

Accepting Submissions | 0% | 00:00

Gensokyo Party Moriya Barista 2

Theme: Chill/Laid-back Themed Touhou Project Album

Accepting Submissions | 0% | 00:00

Gensokyo Party DJ Koishi

Theme: Club/EDM/Trance Themed Touhou Project Album

Accepting Submissions | 0% | 00:00

Deadline: October 8

Our Goals

  • Bring together artists from all places & skills

We ensure we maintain a certain balance of skill sets, between veteran artists and artists that are just starting out. We authorize all people to participate in those albums, and we believe it is a good way for artists to form bonds with others while also permitting people to collaborate with people of all horizons to improve and create a good community experience, with no discrimination. No popularity contest, no favoritism: You wanna hop in? You can! And if you’re struggling, we’ll help out.

  • Album ideas you don’t see elsewhere

More interesting and ambitious arrange albums for lesser-represented series out there. We are more than happy and proud to arrange albums for more niche & outcast game series.

  • A constant stream of albums throughout the years

We ensure to publish as many albums as we can, spread out through the many Comic Market and M3 events.

  • Crave variety

We make sure to accept all kinds of genres for our arrange albums, and there are many musically-themed album projects planned for our “ECLECTIC RESONANCE” original work series. If there’s a genre or style of music that is not yet represented on these albums, it surely will soon.

If you want additional information, please check out the individual project pages above, and read our extended rules and information page common to each album.