Welcome to the official website of KodamaSoft / KodamaSounds.

We are a Doujin/Indie circle, and we aim at showcasing the best kind of audiovisual works from people all around the world, be it in the form of video games, publications, music albums and more. The circle was founded by Fivda in 2017, for our first project, called KODAMA COMET -Stellar Sanctuary-, a visual novel still in development.

As you can imagine from the name, our circle is divided in two:
  • KodamaSoft, for all things related to softwares and games.
  • KodamaSounds, for all things related to music.
KodamaSounds is our strong lead right now. With multiple albums published on Bandcamp and BOOTH, and many more planned for the coming years. We have the same publishing spirit as many other japanese doujin circles, but our ambitions are not focused on a specific series or style of music. Whether they’re for original work or arrangement projects, we want to feature as many artists as we can on our albums from new musical adepts to well known veterans. Please check out our list of ongoing projects if you wanna hop in!

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