KodamaNews - June 2023

Written by Robin

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Hello everyone! I figured it was about time to use the blogpost feature at last~ UPRISING released not even two months ago, and there’s already so much coming up just in the next few months! We have quite a bit of news to get down to, so hang on tight!


UPRISING was a great success! In a way, I’m glad that the album wasn’t as gigantic as our previous releases - nonetheless, it’s a solid release full of energy with a lot of brand new artists, that I hope you will see again sooner or later! UPRISING 2 is now already in the works, and you can get started NOW!


  • Deadline (Tentative): 2024 April 7th - ECLECTIC RESONANCE Memories

Now with UPRISING done and released, we can announce another kind of compilation original work album! The next ECLECTIC RESONANCE album will focus on Chiptune and FM sequenced music, and be titled ECLECTIC RESONANCE Memories. There are no limitations in style, so long as you limit yourself with different trackers and FM synths of all kinds! More specifications and details are available here, and the album is set for release in M3-2024 Spring.

New Album - Untitled -a Grasshopper tribute album-

A new Tribute Album poll was up earlier this month where people could choose which Tribute Album they’d like to see next, and the winner is SUDA51 / Grasshopper Manufacture! You can expect the project page for this one to show up shortly after the release of Katamania!!. Planned for release for this winter’s Comiket!

Upcoming Album Deadlines

Still in the works and planned to release for the next Summer Comic Market in august! We are looking for people to contribute more tracks to the album, which will be a giant collaboration of many styles by many different artists. The deadline is very soon, and we’ve yet to receive any tracks, so go for it!

April wasn’t the first last time you’ll see an ECLECTIC RESONANCE album this year - Detuned Alloy is coming in hot in just a few months! If you felt left out with the EDM restriction of UPRISING, grab your gears, cause Detuned Alloy is all about guitars and rock!

Some more EDM planned for later this year, but this time, let’s make it Touhou themed!!

“Katamania!!” chorus singers

We are looking for as many different vocalists for the chorus part of “Katamari on the Swing”, which will be sung in unison by as many artists as possible. Decent recording quality is going to be necessary (home recording fine if the environment is good enough). Please get in touch with us by Mail/Discord/Twitter DMs.

Additions to the Website/Discord

  1. Remember KodamaSoft? Yeah, it’s still a thing, don’t worry! We can’t really talk about it right now since everything is in preparation, but you can expect a big project for the community related to game design and programming in the future, at long last!
  2. We’ve decided to let go of the current “[Album] Artist” role system in favor of a general “Guest Artist (Sound)”. The more releases we have, the more clogged the role system looked - and that’s not something that I think is very clear for newcomers. This system is simpler and cleaner, and private channels permissions are operated manually, person by person.
  3. We’ve also added more specific notification roles, which will make interacting and notifying of album advancement easier. There are now dedicated roles for VANTABLACK, Moriya Barista, DJ Koishi, UPRISING, Detuned Alloy and Memories, instead of the general basic ones for “ECLECTIC RESONANCE” and “Gensokyo Party”. If you’re only interested in a few from these, that will make things easier for you!
  4. Again, most of the action of the circle is happening on the circle. So if you’re not here yet, we greatly encourage you to come over!
  5. Japanese translations now available on every Track Submission Forms. Long overdue, and will only concern a very few people, but now every single Track Submission Form is available in Japanese as well as English.

Future Additions to the Website

  • New Homepage

A better looking home page with a clear visible division between KodamaSoft and KodamaSounds!

  • Staff Page

A page dedicated to the KodamaSoft / KodamaSounds roster! You will at least get easy access to the list of members, their statut, what they’re doing, and cute little Kodamas dedicated to each and every member.

  • In-house Websites for past albums

As of Moriya Barista, we’ve been self hosting special websites for every release - our objective is to ensure that every album we’ve produced will cease to be referenced on Tumblr, and be made up to date. It’s going to take a while, but older albums will also receive the same treatment in the long run.

  • Page for past games & KODAMA COMET -Stellar Sanctuary-

We’re still working on it, and we’re not forgetting it! Hopefully we can have a clean page to explain the projects with some cool looking screenshot, and staff information.

  • Calendar on Project Pages?

In the future, we may add a calendar for our scheduled releases on the product page. It’ll be easier to check what’s planned throughout the coming months, and plan accordingly as an artist. You will be able to see deadlines, mastering deadlines, releases…

That finally clears up everything that’s been going on recently. Thank you for reading! I’m very thankful to everyone who’s contributed to KodamaSoft / KodamaSounds, and I’m always excited to work on what’s next. Thank you all for your trust!